I’m working to establish myself doing repairs, and building full time in the Cincinnati area. I’ve done repairs full time in the past when I lived in Dayton.

A rough price list for some common repairs is listed below. I can do much more, and this doesn’t cover all cases. Some jobs, like broken headstock repairs, need to be estimated with the guitar in hand.

Repair Price List

Acoustic setup 40$
Twelve string setup 60$
Electric four string Bass setup 40$
Electric Setup 40 to 65$
Setup Floyd Rose, usually 50 to 80$ Price varies by individual guitar needs

A setup starts with an overall inspection of the guitar, which I do for each instrument on my bench.

Once we’ve established that the instrument is in good condition the setup is a series of adjustments at the neck, saddle, and nut. Some guitars have more complex hardware and require more time, some have less and go faster. The goal is to make your guitar play its best possible for you.

Some acoustic jobs:
New bone saddle for acoustics 45$, includes some basic adjustments
New bone nut 35$, most cases, plus setup

Acoustic bridge reglues 75$ and up

Loose braces and cracks are estimated in person.

Electronics work:
Clean scratchy controls, 15$ and up
Electric rewires 40$ and up.

Pickup swaps 30$ and up, depends on guitar and amount of disassembly needed.

Fast jack swap 15$ (easy access guitars)

Fret work:
Fret Dress 45$ plus setup fee This includes leveling, recrowning, and polishing frets
Refrets 160$ for unbound necks with unfinished surfaces(rosewood & ebony), plus setup fee, includes new bone nut labor. Add 20$ for bound necks. Maple fretboards will be quoted on a per case basis.

When you give me your guitar for work I always do an overall inspection. This is especially important for acoustic instruments that can have potential problems go unseen inside.

This list is not comprehensive, but covers some of the more common repairs. There are exceptions to the rules. I don’t charge a bench fee for diagnostics unless it’s a very in depth, or time consuming diagnostic. In that case I will state so before starting on your guitar. Prices do not include strings or materials such as nut & saddle blanks, fret wire, or other parts.

I also do work on resonator guitars, lap steels, mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles.

If you have something you would like built I would be happy to discuss it with you. I almost always have a building project in progress, and would love to have one going for you.