I am working to provide you with the finest fretted instrument repair in Cincinnati.

Here’s a little about my background:

I started taking repair work seriously around 2001 by learning from some exceptional mentors in Athens Ohio.  Jumping off from this part time training I relocated to work in Dayton.  I spent the most time working at Dayton Band performing repairs on guitars & basses usually, but also banjos, mandolins, and very rarely a student violin.

After a while of this full immersion in repair I ended up working in other fields, but I kept my tools and did work for friends and previous customers in my spare time.

A few years ago I decided that I had taken enough time away from repairs and wanted to get back in guitar work more seriously.  I started doing some building for myself and found it to be extremely rewarding.

Currently I’m a part time student at the University of Cincinnati completing my postponed degree.  Guitars are still an important part of my life and I plan to keep them there through building and repairs.